Book one of The Rim Trader Series by K J Sheerin

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Tula – Book one of The Rim Trader Series –by K J Sheerin

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Paperback: 206 pages
Publisher: armchairpublishing
ISBN: 9780980730821
Trim size: 148 x 210 mm
Tula is an android; the product of Ace Rutledge’s idea of the perfect woman! As well she possesses a Long hauler’s Ticket, the advanced Willow World chip and Security chip to name a few. Together they crew a Cargo Ship delivering goods and technology to far off places, returning to Earth laden with food to feed an ever dependant Planet.
On a trip to the Outer Rim of the known Galaxy they are burdened with a ‘Rim’ woman, a consort callously jettisoned by an inbound Trader. Sparks fly as ideologies collide, with only one winner.
Trouble abounds, following Ace to the frontier of space and he is only glad that Tula has his back.
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Lawrence Arnold
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