Evolution of the Vampire: The Australian Story – The Beginning
By Juliet Peniston-Bird

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Evolution of the Vampire: The Australian Story – The Beginning by Juliet Peniston-Bird
Product details
Paperback: 206pages
Publisher: JuMi Books
ISBN: 9780646496597
Trim size: 216 x 136 mm
Sentenced to ‘death by sunlight’ for the murder of vampire Desiderius, vampires Philemon and Caleb miraculously survive the sunlight! This weakness that has plagued the vampire species since the dawn of their evolution has now gone. Why? How? And are they the only ones immune to the effects of sunlight?
In their quest for answers, Philemon and Caleb embark on a dangerous journey of seduction and self-exploration, while trying to avoid getting caught and killed by the vampire police: the Raziels; a secret branch of the Australian Government; the Draconian vampire slayers and even their own kind!
In blending Bram Stoker and Anne Rice with the human reality of Jules Verne, Juliet Peniston-Bird has ‘revamped’ the vampire to appeal to the masses, by allowing these ‘not-quite humans’ to share in a reality common with humankind, as well as forming an Australian vampire mythology, from the founding vampire fathers through to their current laws and etiquette. A MUST READ!
Here’s what some of the critics said:
‘Through her intriguing and seductive characters, Peniston-Bird breaks the mould of the familiar dark-cloaked count awakening from his coffined slumber, and places them in a more familiar setting’ – Helen Rosser (CEO for the Australian Association of Humane Research).
‘A mix of fiction and not-so-traditional Australian Vampire mythology, this tale follows their dangerous trail throughout Melbourne, showing us that we might know nothing about vampires after all!!’ – Hellen Maniatis (HEART Book group).
‘I’m not a big reader and vampires are not really my thing, BUT, I found ‘Evolution of the Vampire: The Australian Story’ a very good read” – Dr. David Brown (BVSc).
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