Suburban Insurgent
by Green S.K.

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Suburban Insurgent by Green S.K.
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Paperback: 277 pages
Publisher: Pharsalus Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-646-51159-7
Trim size: 153 x 229 mm
The only way to succeed in the underworld is to cripple bodies, end lives, build alliances, and then break them. That’s what a former soldier is about to find out. Disillusioned and disconnected from normal society, Jason Farrelly decides to use his military skills and street smarts to position himself into illegal places of power and to attain great wealth, while at the same time gaining a street degree in urban psychological warfare. Asian gangsters, an Aryan criminal-political cell and notorious narcotics kings all feel the full effect of dealing with Jason Farrelly, the Suburban Insurgent. 
Suburban Insurgent consists of five interlocking stories set in the Melbourne underworld, all aid in building to a climactic conclusion. The main protagonist in these stories is Jason Farrelly, a former soldier struggling to find his place in modern suburbia. The tales are predominately action orientated with a heavy emphasis on real life violence and activities taken from criminal underworlds around the globe, past and present. However, the stories also try to offer a psychological insight into the thoughts and actions of people from this section of society.                                            
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Title : Really exciting
Review : This is such a great book, I honestly couldn''t put it down. Ever chapter has you reading like a crazy person trying to find out what happens. This book is written so well. Wonderful job for the authors first book. I hope there is a second book about Jason Farrelly on it way. I also agree with the comments on the back cover to make it into a t.v series, great idea!!! Do yourself a favour and buy this book. You will love it!

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