Book Two of The Rim Trader Series by K J Sheerin

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Rhuma – Book Two of The Rim Trader Series –by K J Sheerin 

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Paperback: 220 pages
Publisher: armchairpublishing
ISBN: 978098073869
Trim size: 148 x 210 mm
Rhuma is a resident of the planet Tyrus, on the Outer Rim of the known galaxy. She was caught up in the melee when pirates landed there, and lost a forearm in the process. Then later when Ace Rutledge and his friends, Terry McKeag and Joe Brown, landed at the Spaceport, she gave them much needed information before they engaged the pirates in a life or death struggle.

What intrigued her most about Ace and his friends were the androids they commanded, Zac and Tula.
When the action is over, Terry alerted Rhuma to the fact that her forearm can be replaced with one like Tula’s, and offers her passage to Earth via the Red Star System in order to get one. In return she is required to crew aboard the K4 Cargo Carrier he commands.

What follows is a voyage of discovery and danger, tempered with love, and Tyrus just another stopover on Rhuma’s galaxial jaunt.

About the Author
Ken is a Geelong based writer. His works encompass short stories to the longer novels in the YA Fantasy and Sci-fi genres. He also dabbles in Poetry and Tanka (Waka) along with shorter novellas depicting family and early life.

Now that he has retired Ken divides his time between fishing, gardening and writing. You can see some of his works at www.armchairpublishing.com.au 
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