Me and Ms Menopause
by Jenni Townsend

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Me and Ms Menopause  – by Jenni Townsend
Product details
Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Studio 554 Presents
ISBN: 9780646949475
Trim size: 148 x 210 mm
When Jenni Townsend knew she was getting closer to the average age of menopause, she started to organise a party to celebrate its arrival. ‘Yoo Hoo,’ she chortled. ‘I’m fifty and free from that natural part of my life.’
When Ms Menopause knocked at her door, what Jenni actually encountered was everything but a celebration. The invitations to her party are still collecting cobwebs and dust as they still linger to be handed out.
Why, in the 21st Century, is Ms Menopause still being allowed to bully and dissolve women through the next natural part of their lives, to the point of disappearance?  
Not only does Ms Menopause bully the menopausal woman, she affects family, loved ones, and finances. She will chew away at hormones and the essence of a woman until she becomes a shadow of who she was.

Why does the medical community see fit to toss HRT and other synthetic medications at the menopausal woman, when the Medical Community is fully aware they create dangerous side-effects and cause illnesses to the women who are given them as options?

Why isn't the medical community giving the menopausal woman all the options in a transparent manner, including BHRT-Bio-identical hormone replacement. As an intelligent woman she can then make informed choices.
Join Jenni as she enters menopause - this next natural stage of her life - with a gigantic bag of ignorance, and finds herself having to stand firmly against the medical world and society's flippant attitude towards the menopausal woman.

Walk with Jenni on her harrowing quest to ensure every menopausal woman has the truth and knowledge in hand, and that every menopausal woman is treated safely and with respect.
This book is for everyone. 

About the Author
Jenni Townsend is a fifty-five-year-old Aussie, born in Marrickville, Australia, who sees herself as an ‘everyday woman’.

In a rush to earn her first fistful of dollars, Jenni started her working life at aged fifteen, part-time after school, weekends and school holidays. She marched into fulltime work in 1980, at aged nineteen.

The gypsy in her blood and her love of Australia led her to travel, work and play in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

In her twenties, Jenni loved being part of the 80s, travelling to Tasmania, New Zealand, and having a two week cruise to Vila, Noumea, and many other beautiful islands.

At thirty-one, with the birth of daughter – Jenni’s greatest and happiest achievement – she and her tribe settled in Brisbane Australia.

Family has always been Jenni's first priority. At thirty-four, Jenni suddenly and unexpectedly lost her mum. Less than ten years later, she cared for and lost her sister to leukaemia. And then, only two years later also cared for her dad as he battled and succumbed to bowel cancer.

Throughout these times of great grief and loss, Jenni dealt with each heartache in a calm, loving and compassionate way. With her indomitable spirit, she always got back up, dusted herself off, and continued to take life head-on. Her untameable humour also helped enormously with these challenges of life.

Jenni considers that she’s ‘always grown well into her ages’, and is now well settled in Brisbane, the city she now calls ‘home’. She looks forward to her years ahead, hoping to live her life healthily, happily and... disgracefully.

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