108 Days 108 Ways How I Save the World – One Woman’s Pilgrimage from Pain to Purpose
by Libby Perkins

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108 Days 108 Ways How I Save the World –
One Woman’s Pilgrimage from Pain to Purpose
A Picture Book for Adults in Times of Adversity and Change

by Libby Perkins
Product details
Paperback: 316 pages
Publisher: Libby Perkins
ISBN: 978-0-6487053-0-7
Trim size: 254 x 203 mm    

Libby’s life had once seemed perfect. Her unraveling began though on a trip to India, where she was involved in a tragic bus crash. A month later her mother passed away suddenly of pancreatic cancer, then not long after her father died and her partner left. The years that followed were full of darkness and pain.

Like many, Libby turned to mainstream modalities and drugs, but they didn’t help and in her darkest hour she wanted to die. A number of chance encounters led Libby to begin exploring creative and spiritual practices and philosophies like yoga and Ayurveda. She also began to spend more time in nature, trekking through forests, cooking on fires and sleeping under the stars.

After committing to a wellness quest for 108 days, Libby slowly emerged from that pit of despair and turmoil stronger than ever. In 108 Days 108 Ways - How I Save the World, she shares her profound journey using captivating photos of animals in the nature world, and offers offers practical tips to aid others through transitional times. This unique and inspiring book is equal parts memoir, adult picture-book and self-help guide. 

About the Author
Libby Perkins is a Wellness Consultant based on the East Coast of Australia. She offers a unique combination of modalities and works intimately with both individuals and organisations, in-person and online, to promote healing and wellbeing. Libby’s area of specialty is to support people through times of adversity and change to become healthier living eco-systems, more in alignment with their own true nature.

Libby is a qualified Business Communications Consultant, Family and Systems Constellations Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Trauma Release Breath Work Practitioner and Doula (birth attendant). She has also completed training in Gestalt Therapy (a form of Psychotherapy), Nature Philosophy, Deep Ecology and Shamanic Healing.

A devoted yoga practitioner, Libby is the founder of Restore Yoga in Byron Bay where she teaches therapeutic restorative yoga to small groups and individuals who are recovering from illness and trauma.

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