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Valerie McDougall and Jayne Jennings


We wanted to tell you about our inspiration for Pink Shoe Power and why we hope it will make a difference to your life and the lives of many other working women.

A few years back we joined forces because we were both struggling with our lack of work life balance. We sat down and agreed to work together to find a better way of managing the multiple demands on our time. We decided to investigate the work life balance of working women to find what really works—and why. 

We surveyed and spoke with women entrepreneurs around the world.  It was a tremendous opportunity to hear first-hand how successful women running their own large or small businesses were achieving work life balance.  Our intention always was to share those fantastic conversations and most importantly, the outcomes of the survey, so we wrote a White Paper Work Life Balance Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners. (If you want to know why we say, ‘ban the balance’, go to www.NewNorma.com for a free copy.)

We also set up a free resource site— www.GuiltFreeBusinessMothers.com— to support a group of women we felt needed the greatest assistance—business mothers. (The White Paper is also available here.)
The feedback from wonderful women from around the world made us realise  that while we had provided some great information, many women felt overwhelmed and wanted access to time saving information and tools to lighten their load. 
We researched leading time saving strategies and tools and set up a sister site Save-Time.org where you’ll find some of the best resources to help busy women save time. 

But we knew there was still a missing ingredient: how does each of us know what will work for us?

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to shoes, clothes and most things in life, so why should it with the way we manage our time!  That was our real ‘Aha’ moment.

It makes so much sense doesn’t it? That’s why you and many others have used or bought products that some else raved about but ended up wasting time and money on because they were not the right fit for you.   
So we came up with the concept of Time Management Styles and found Business and Personal Coach, Clare Evans, author of Time Management for Dummies to help us bring them to life.

Since then, Pink Shoe Power has sold internationally. We’re also giving workshops and presentations on getting the most from your Time Management Style to women and men, businesses and business groups (we have 5 Time Management Styles and strategies for men as well).

We still have our great sister sites with smart approaches to work life balance, time management, communications, and team work for busy women: Guilt Free Business Mothers.com and Save-Time.org.
Why? Because our focus is strongly on helping you and other busy women save time, so you have more time for what is important to you. 

While Valerie started her business life as a finance journalist, she has a wide range of experience from running her own businesses (Australian and international) to working as Executive Communications Managerfor C-level executives in a NYSE-listed corporation in the US.

She holds a MEI (Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation) and took out the 1994 Award for Excellence when completing that degree.  She has used her business background and coaching abilities to help position business men and women, and regional centres, for success—and even to showcase Australia in Washington, DC.
Jayne’s depth of business experience covers Australia and New Zealand. She was responsible for delivering strategic advice to senior civil servants and Ministers and project managing significant tourism projects in New Zealand. She too has run businesses prior to her current one.

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Post Graduate Diploma in Resource Management and a Bachelor of Planning

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