Against all Odds
The Verse, Prose Poetry and Ballads of Kenneth James Sheerin

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Against all Odds – The Verse, Prose Poetry and Ballads of Kenneth James Sheerin 

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Paperback: 94 pages
Publisher: armchairpublishing
ISBN: 9780980730838
Trim size: 148 x 210 mm
Some of the pieces within reflect family or attachments, others his unique take on things, observations or just pure flights of fantasy. Some too, may be as simple as memories of walking his beloved dog ‘Molly’.
Against all Odds
Who would have thought
At the end of the day
When all of one’s deeds
Dastardly done
That one could sit back
And see words might be reaped
To try and make sense
Where otherwise none could be found
All of the fruits and labours of love
The trials and tribulations as well
A veritable river of tears and sweat
Wizened and withered at day’s end
Now just a silent witness
Needs and wants are but few
Content to put pen to paper
To record a balanced view
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Review : K J Sheerin has embraced the Australian way. I had lent the book to a workmate, she said there were parts that reminded her of her childhood.

Name : Anonymous
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Review : Sheerin is an astute observer of Australian values through his reminiscences of everyday Australian traditions such as the mouth-watering ‘Sunday Roast’. There is one or two cliche’d lines throughout the book, but this only confirms Sheerin’s appreciation of the Australian vernacular which is endemic to traditional Australian values and lifestyle. Summarised in one line, I can only say that Against all odds embraces Australian life at its core. From a much larger review by BJ Thomason

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