Commendable Leadership in Business – the 7 Cs - a Handbook
By Jim Wilson

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Commendable Leadership in Business – the 7 Cs - a Handbook by Jim Wilson
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Paperback: 70 pages
Publisher: Beacon Business Directions Pty Ltd
ISBN: 9780646486987
Trim size: 210 x 149 mm
Is your personal business leadership fit for the purpose for which it was intended?
Do you, or the organisation in which you work, have a clear understanding of the personal traits which should be demonstrated by leaders, to make them worthy of praise in terms of their effectiveness and the culture they create?
This book gives the answers to those questions and more. It is well written, practical and easy to understand – no ivory tower words or ideas!
It lists the “7 Cs” that its author, Jim Wilson, has found to work in his wide and successful experience in public and private companies, at many levels of leadership.
It is written as an easily-referenced handbook and comes strongly endorsed by people who have, themselves, been leaders in public companies and small-to-medium-sized enterprises.
The book can be read in an afternoon and will cause its reader leaders to think deeply about how they can become commendable and worthy of praise for their efforts.
It contains a set of easily-followed work papers for completion.
Keep it in the top drawer of your office desk, for easy, day-to-day reference.
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Title : easy read - doesn''t take long to get through and enjoyable at that.
Review : I strongly recommend that this Handbook be read and referenced by everyone aspiring to become an effective and commendable leader. I enjoyed it so much I read it twice- and it did not take too long to read. I have over 20 years experience in senior leadership positions in major financial institutions and small-to-medium-sized enterprises, both at the front line and in training teams. If I had read a book like this earlier in my career, I am sure it would have been of great benefit to me, my team members and the way we presented ourselves to our customers and clients. Simply put, the 7 Cs properly implemented, will enable leaders to build better cultures in their businesses. Leigh Hodgetts CFP® Executive Director Advent Financial Services Pty Ltd Brisbane Australia

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