The Earth Belongs To Everyone
Articles and Essays by Alanna Hartzok

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The Earth Belongs to Everyone – Articles and Essays by Alanna Hartzok
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Paperback: 360 pages
Publisher: Institute for Economic Democracy Press
ISBN: 9781933567044
Trim size: 230 x 153 mm
The Earth Belongs to Everyone by Alanna Hartzok, co-director of Earth Rights Institute, sets forth the vision and policy foundation for “earth rights democracy”. Following an introduction containing glimpses of the author’s fascinating journey through life, this compilation of her articles and essays describes how to establish political-economic systems based on the human right to the planet as a birthright. Her key theme is that earth rights democracy is an essential ethical basis necessary to secure other economic human rights and to create a world of peace and plenty for all.
She places this core perspective into an integrated local-to-global framework that balances the need for global cooperation with the necessity for building demilitarized, decentralized, and sustainable local-based economics. The Earth Belongs to Everyone presents a large and hopeful worldview with profound possibilities for transformational action for peace, economic justice, and environmental restoration.
Themes of the book include: Democracy, Earth Rights and the Next Economy; Sharing Our Common Heritage; Land for People, Not for Profit; Financing Local to Global Public Goods; Women, Earth and Economic Power; Restructuring Economic Relationships; Economics of War and Peace.
What people are saying about the book:-
“More and more people are convinced that the only way to a just, prosperous and ecologically sustainable future is to share the value of Earth’s resources more fairly.”
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