Poems of 2008
by Stephen Whiteside

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Poems of 2008 – by Stephen Whiteside
Product details
Paperback: 40 pages
Publisher: Self-published
Trim size: 210 x 148 mm
Stephen Whiteside’s third book, “Poems of 2008”, like his first two, covers a wide range of themes. These include CJ Dennis and Toolangi, the Victorian High Country, Ned Kelly, sport, domestic life, and life in the ocean. There’s even a bit of space fantasy, and a couple of odes to inanimate objects!
Some of these poems have won awards.
As always, Stephen’s poems cover a variety of emotions. There are poems for sober reflection, and poems to rickle your tibs. A must for all lovers of rhyming verse!
Drinking At The Pub
My dearest wife remarked to me, “I stay at home and scrub.
I wash and iron and cook while youre just drinking at the pub!
I do believe its most unfair. Im stiff with indignation,
Especially in these modern days of Womens Liberation!”
I pondered all these words she spoke. I uttered not a word,
But next day, as her chores began, the strangest thing occurred.
I put a load of washing on, then hung it on the line.
I took the family silver out, and brought it to a shine.
Then we both went shopping, to buy some groceries.
I carried them inside the house, and helped her shell the peas.
I peeled all the potatoes, too, and chopped the pumpkin up,
And when she put the kettle on, I joined her in a cup.
Next day she had her sewing class. Of course, I joined her there.
Both of us were quite surprised. I had a certain flair.
That afternoon was tennis, with the mothers from the school.
I grabbed my shoes and racquet, though I noticed she seemed cool.
Another day or two went by. I trotted by her side,
And everywhere she chose to go, I joined her for the ride.
At last my wife erupted (as I strove to clean the tub),
“Shouldnt you be with your mates, and drinking at the pub?”
© Stephen Whiteside 28.11.08
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