Blood on the Wire
by Carolyn Wilkinson

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Blood on the Wire by Carolyn Wilkinson

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Paperback: 340 pages
Publisher: Carolyn Wilkinson (2013)
ISBN: 9780987443106
Trim size: 210 x 148 mm

A roller-coaster read, Blood on the Wire is a gripping account of one man’s struggle against a system more focussed on political gain than simple humanity.
When Daniel Heiss made his second extraordinary bid for freedom from Berrimah jail, it resulted in The Northern Territory of Australia’s biggest manhunt. This is a true and thrilling account of those escapes. Heiss and his co-escapee, Baker, were hunted by the largest taskforce ever to be assembled in the NT. Over fourteen dangerous days and nights, the pair eluded capture. Along the way they had numerous close shaves with their pursuers, stumbled into croc-infested creeks, and experienced the harsh tropical forest of North Australia, until Heiss was finally captured just before Christmas 1995.
Then there is the fascinating account of two people’s lives, the author and Heiss, as they collide through a bizarre combination of dreams, synchronicity, art, and the power of astrology.
For months Heiss didn’t even know if his new-found astrologer was male or female, old or young. With rare and humble letters as their only form of communication, they slowly discovered their feelings for each other.
Blood on the Wire is the true account of a convicted murderer facing an indefinite time behind bars, and the soul-destroying, day-to-day grind of life in a maximum security prison. It is the account of a 'lifer' meeting a woman who became deeply affected by prison and legal injustice, ultimately helping him achieve his freedom.
About the Author
Carolyn lives in Darwin, Australia’s Top End, and has been there most of her life. She loves writing, art, music, dreams all things mystical and is passionate about the discipline known as Jyotisha, also known as Vedic astrology.
Blood on the Wire is her first book and she is currently writing the second in the Trilogy. The Hard Yards is due for release mid 2013.



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