Self Care Isn't Selfish
by Susie Ascott

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Self Care isn’t Selfish: Your roadmap for taking responsibility for your own happiness by Susie Ascott

Product details
Paperback: 116 pages
Publisher: Susie Ascott
ISBN: 9780994363305
Trim size: 140 x 190 mm

Have you ever found yourself saying or thinking “What about me?  When do I get a go?” and immediately felt guilty?
If being kind, helpful and caring towards others is a natural part of who you are, but you find it hard to do something kind for yourself, this book is for you.
This book shows you why and how to value your life and take responsibility for your own happiness, how to use your existing skills of kindness and unconditional support to embrace the power of self care.
Using the analogy of a map, you will learn how to walk steadily away from the lands of Exhaustion Hollow and the historic Shire of “Should,” avoiding Depression Swamp and Passive- Aggressive Trap, skirting Martyr Mountain Range, navigating the stumbling boulders of Anger Volcano, Go Round Again Circuit, Asking for Help Rockface and Beating Oneself up Bushlands, and spend your life in The Heartlands, balancing self care with caring for others.
The book promises no “Magical Secrets,” instead you will find straightforward practical principles, pragmatic suggestions based on experience, examples, worksheets and clearly defined, achievable steps to take.
If you know that it’s time to stop neglecting your own needs, become happier and more truly helpful and supportive to others then this book will help you get there.

About the Author   
Susie Ascott founded Present Perfect in 1997, a Life Coaching business with a vision of a world filled with joy and laughter, where people work and play together in a spirit of co-operation and mutual support. She has been teaching and studying hatha yoga since 2006. Her practices of yoga, permaculture and earth- based spirituality, along with a love of gardening, reading, writing, and painting, inform her approach to life coaching. She lives by the ocean in Perth Western Australia.

Name : Lisa Cropman
Location :
Title :
Review : Thank you for your gentle words of wisdom. They resonated deeply and inspired me to make small changes in my life that have had a big impact on both my emotional and physical wellbeing. I’d encourage anyone who feels guilty about looking after themselves to read this book. I feel guilty no more – and I have Susie Ascott to thank for it.’

Name : Gabriela
Location :
Title :
Review : No matter where you are in your path of self care this book will throw light on those forgotten corners and help you rediscover ways to get back on track. I found it very insightful and it feels like Suzie is taking you by your hand through a delicious journey of self appreciation. Thanks Suzie for this little gem, it couldn't have arrived in better time!

Name : Dr Jon Mumford
Location :
Title :
Review : The book is wonderful; I love the teaching method with the “lesson from chapter….” Worksheets, summaries and reader activities. Absolutely outstanding – my heartiest congratulations. I would recommend this book without hesitation.”

Name : Sharon
Location :
Title :
Review : Self Care isn't Selfish has helped me to take the time to care about myself, usually the last person I think about. I now realise how much better I am at caring for others if I take the time to care for myself first.

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