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by Hazel Edwards

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Complete Your Book In A Year by Hazel Edwards (Paperback version)

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Paperback: 130 pages
Publisher: BookPOD
ISBN: 978-1-922270-33-7
Trim size: 140 x 216 mm
Why do it? Capturing a significant period, wanting to share, major family changes or just decluttering, the reasons for writing a book vary. Sometimes the process is more important than the completed book. BUT … all writers procrastinate (‘keep putting it off!’). Everybody wants to write, but the reality is ... ways of publishing have become easier, but challenges of QUALITY content and keeping readers interested remain.
Completing a book in a year IS possible.
This manual is aimed at ‘procrastinators’ who have a memoir, family history, or non-fiction work to finish, fix or start. Families interested in investigating their histories, their DNA or their secrets have increased due to family tree splits, grafts and young twigs joining. AND special stories of so-called ‘ordinary’ people who have done extraordinary things should be told WELL.
We need to know about local heroes. Modest ones in our families. And others in our communities. A hero is a role model who solves problems for their community. Or finds new ways of doing things. Their stories are worth telling in accessible formats.
These writing project strategies also work for any kind of fiction, faction or non-fiction ‘how to’ book. From a quirky history of the Stawell Gift running race to Holocaust survivors, and ‘how to’ walk the Camino.

A few of the many Hazelnuts projects on diverse subjects mentored to publication. Other Hazelnuts include internationally known illustrator/author Gabrielle Wang, Judith Rossell and Corinne Fenton.
Shirley Fung’s Second Chinese Daughter, nominated for the Dublin Literary Award by The National Library of Malaysia, is about three generations of resourceful Asian women.
Lyndel Kennedy’s much reprinted The Hidden Diffability: Discovering Aspergers provides strategies and successes via her experience with parent support groups.
In Politics, Death and Addiction, Carolyn Hirsh shares the pressures of being an early female Labor member of parliament, and a young widow with children.
Mich Layet, author of From French Fries to a Franchise, was one of the earliest Australian female McDonald’s franchisees.
Darren Arnott explores the historic trial associated with suburban Rowville’s little known Italian prisoner of war camp in No Regard for the Truth.
Maribel Steel’s Blindness for Beginners is a humorous, motivational memoir, inspiring people to ‘see’ differently.
Gifted educator Dr Robyn Floyd explores young ‘girlfriend’ friendships in Girlfriends!
Pauline Luke’s YA mystery novel Knowing Joey Field explores being a newcomer but also friendship across generations.
Felicity Marshall’s intricate illustrations of Hello, Honey Bee are supported by bee facts and a wonderfully fanciful story of a Queen Bee.
The Boy Within is a comic graphic novel about a ‘coming of age’ of a trans guy by two trans men, Sam Orchard and Ryan Kennedy. Subsequently supported by Creative NZ.
Margaret Healey’s child-friendly picture story Grandma’s Grandad’s Camel models how ordinary ‘heroes’ can be remembered by their descendants.

About the Authors
Hazel Edwards writes quirky, thought-provoking fiction and fact for adults and children. Coping successfully with being different is a common theme. Co-written junior novel Hijabi Girl and YA novel f2m: the boy within explore cultural diversity.
Best known for the There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake series, recently touring as a musical, Hazel has grandkids for whom she writes a story each birthday. Outback Ferals, her YA novel set in Darwin, is a sequel to Antarctica’s Frozen Chosen, researched during her 2001 Antarctic expedition.
Hazel runs book-linked workshops on ‘Authorpreneurship’ and ‘Writing a Non-Boring Family History’. ‘Complete Your Book in a Year’ is a yearlong masterclass at PROV (Public Records Office Victoria) and all finish their projects.
Trail Magic: Going Walkabout for 2184 Miles on the Appalachian Trail, co-written with her son Trevelyan, is an adventure memoir. He did ALL the walking.
A National Reading Ambassador, in 2013 Hazel was awarded an OAM for Literature. Her memoir Not Just a Piece of Cake: Being an Author explores long-term creativity.
An interest in stories crossing mediums led to Celebrant Sleuth: I Do or Die, an adult mystery with an asexual sleuth, Hazel’s latest AUDIBLE fiction, plus the sequel, Wed Then Dead on The Ghan, which is available on Kindle and being adapted as a screenplay.
Hazel served on the board of the Australian Society of Authors for 20 years and is the current patron of the Society of Women Writers (Victoria).
She also reads in the bath.

Name : Pauline Luke
Location : Australia
Title : All Aspects of the Writing Journey are Covered.
Review : Hazel Edwards’ COMPLETE YOUR BOOK IN A YEAR is one of the most comprehensive guides available to writers of both fiction and non fiction. Hazel, who is best known for the classic children’s Hippopotamus on my Roof series, has had more than 200 books published. As a teacher of writing for over 35 years, she has seen many of her students go on to be picked up by main stream publishers. Hazel certainly knows her stuff and shares her knowledge in this easy to follow book. All aspects of the writing journey are covered. Starting with a month by month schedule for getting your book finished in a year. There are also chapters devoted to developing characters, scene setting, synopsis, pitching to publishers and self publishing and more.

Name : Dr Kellock-Floyd
Location : Australia
Title : I have recommended it to my adult students
Review : If the current lockdowns have given you time to pause and reflect on that book you have been meaning to write then 'Complete your book in a year' will get you started. Full of practical advice from a well known author who has written in a number of genres; it will inspire you to stop procrastinating and start writing. I have recommended it to my adult students.

Name : Felicity Marshall
Location : Australia
Title : ‘Complete Your Book in a Year’ by Hazel Edwards
Review : First-timers and disorganised writers who have the wisdom to invest in Hazel Edwards book of practical and structural advice on writing will learn how to harness their ideas and bring their story alive. Procrastinators and wimps will be whipped into shape, disciplined and become both organised and inspired. This book helps writers to winnow the grain from the chaff through editing their own words. Good new writing habits will be formed. Nuts and bolts of writing a synopsis or pitch, dealing with publishers and publicity are all here. And more. Written from Edwards many years of experience (200 + books published) this book is an excellent and essential guide.

Name : Ryan Kennedy
Location : New Zealand
Title : Fantastic resource for any author
Review : This is a fantastic resource for any author, published or hopeful. Hazel takes us through a solid process, with plenty of interesting exercises and explorations that always have a purpose in improving either the work itself or its chances of publication. Specific in its recommendations yet flexible enough to be applied to any genre, it includes good ideas and new takes on old standards (the 'conversational table of contents' springs to mind). I feel much more confident and better equipped to dive into my next work.

Name : Maribel Steel
Location : Melbourne
Title : Important elements in creating your book in a year!
Review : From page one, this book is easy to get straight into drafting your book. Edwards offers a practical approach to beginning (and ending) a memoir, family history or novel through a series of well organised month by month plans and chapters full of the important elements in creating your book in a year!

Name : Darren Arnott
Location : Melbourne
Title : Everything you need to get started on your writing project
Review : Whether you are working on a family history for friends and family, writing a novel or a non-fiction book, Hazel’s practical approach and guidance to turn an idea into reality makes ‘Complete Your Book in a Year’ an essential resource to have in your writing toolkit. Hazel provides practical steps from the inception of an idea, creating structure and characters all the way through to publishing and marketing. Everything you need to get started on your writing project.

Name : Carolyn Hirsh
Location : Australia
Title : A 'must have' book for an aspiring writer
Review : A 'must have' book for an aspiring writer, who has started writing and has hit a wall (metaphorically), or for someone whose book is not yet on paper, but still in their head. Get 'Complete Your Book in a Year' and go for it.

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