by Troy M. Williams

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Shrill: Book One of Realms of Shadowblood by Troy M. Williams
Product details
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Troy M. Williams
ISBN: 9780648966401
Trim size: 229 x 152 mm

Serena O’Halloran moved with her family to the United States from Ireland when she was a teenager. Working in nursing and psychiatry, she lives a quiet but busy lifestyle. There is a secret about her past that is about to rise to the surface—a secret she had long forgotten.

Eric Kirkpatrick lives with his daughter Stacey in Oregon; he is an anthropologist and cryptozoologist. In the course of his research into the sightings of the mysterious Sasquatch, he unearths something far more terrifying than he could have ever imagined. Serena and Eric are drawn together by tragic circumstances when Eric’s daughter is taken by a malevolent force in the dark woods of Klamath National Forest.

With the appearance of a strange government agent, dark truths are disclosed, sending them on a journey that will change the pair forever. Serena and Eric must now fight against the dark forces, not only for their lives but also for the very survival of humanity.

Can they trust the government agent, or will he lead them into eternal darkness with the rest of mankind?

About the Author

Troy M. Williams has researched and investigated all different facets of the paranormal over the last fifteen years. Heading his own team, Troy has documented and researched many cases over that time. From ghosts, UFOs, and cryptids to folklore, history, and the strange. Troy has been a guest on several radio shows in Australia discussing the field and had his own blog for many years.
In his spare time Troy pursues his other love, Taekwondo. A 3rd dan black belt, he is passionate about instructing and coaching at his local club which includes his two boys. He has won medals over the years in Sparring and Poomsae, but after a car accident he focuses more on developing those interested in competitions.

Troy also has a large comic book collection, and as an avid Batman, sci-fi, and fantasy fan, he enjoys collecting those hard to find items.

But it is writing that keeps his fires burning, ever since his younger days when he wrote short stories. His strong understanding of the paranormal field feeds his creative mind, and he delves into horror and dark poetry at times, combining fact and fiction with fantasy and history to create his own worlds.
His book Shrill is the first of many to come.

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