Silver Linings
Edited by Maree Silver and Janette Fernando

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Silver Linings Edited by Maree Silver and Janette Fernando
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Paperback: 130 pages
Publisher: Poetica Christi Press (2021)
ISBN: 9780648445111
Trim size: 210 x 148 mm
… most knowledge
In our heads is  poetry,
Varied crystals of detail, chosen
By dream-interest, and poured spirally
From version to myth, with spillage,
From theory to history
And, with toppings-up, to story,
Not metered, lined or free
But condensed by memory
To roughly vivid essences:
Most people’s poetry is now this.
Some of it is made by poets.

- Les Murray, ‘Satis Passio’
Poetry, as Les Murray suggests, is the way we think. Experiences crystallised to essence. The poems in this engaging anthology are drawn directly from the process of converting sensation to meaning, of taking the random detail of the world and making them something to live by, to take forward. There are so many surprises here, so much that shows us the relevance and the power of an art that remains at the heart of human existence. Silver Linings demonstrates the strength of the human spirit, the elegance of its incarnation in words. This effervescent anthology will reward many readings.

- John Foulcher

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