The Bludger's Back Vol 2
by David Close

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The Bludger's Back Greenie Heartburn Volume II by David 'Khyber' Close
Product details
Paperback: 382 pages
Publisher: David Close
ISBN: 9780992290498
Trim size: 210 297 mm


Whereas volume 1 of the Bludger’s Back series describes ‘living in the 70s’ in a perhaps flippant sociological way, volume two: Greenie Heartburn probes into esoteric issues around the ‘folk soul’ of nation and race – specifically the white Australian, the Irish and the Anglo-Saxon.

This volume explores David’s anguished lost love and the mysterious death of his father in the 1980s. In the process he delves into largely suppressed historical issues – such as those surrounding the Oz land grab, Ned Kelly’s martyrdom, the aborted Libertarian Republic of West Queensland in 1891 and Britannia’s evil colonial shadow extending into the ‘now’ of the 21st century.

Shortly after completing volume 1 of Bludger’s Back, the author survived a wood-splitter axe attack in his own home by a deranged friend. The last section of volume 2 describes David’s search for justice and his discovery of past-life karmic connection with his attacker.

As such, the work focuses on alternative utopias, soul-searching, Authority, insanity, and demonic social control in the context of cultural decay and renewal.
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