Project Planning & Control Using Primavera Contractor Version 6.1 - Spiral
Including Versions 4.1, 5 and 6.1 by Paul Harris

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Project Planning & Control Using Primavera Contractor® Version 6.1 Including Versions 4.1, 5 and 6.1 by Paul Harris 

Product details
Paperback: 378 pages
Publisher: Eastwood Harris
Trim size: 300 x 209 mm
This book is written by an experienced scheduler, who has used the software at the sharp end of projects and is not a techo. The book is designed to teach planners and schedulers in any industry how to setup and use the software in a project environment. It explains in plain English and in a logical sequence, the steps required to create and maintain an unresourced and resourced schedule. It tackles some of the more complex aspects of the software that the user manual does not address.
It highlights the sources of information and the methods that should be employed to produce a realistic and useful project schedule. It draws on the author’s practical experience in using the software in a wide variety of industries. It presents workable solutions to real day to day planning and scheduling problems and contains practical advice on how to set up the software and import data. It includes exercises, a large number of screen dumps, numerous tips and an index.
The book may also be used as a reference manual and the book provides advice on how on how these options may be applied to projects environments and it aims to teach readers how to plan and progress projects created within the software package and stays focused on explaining how to use Primavera Contractor Version 6.1 to schedule projects by: Concentrating on the core functions required to plan and schedule a project in a single project environment. Providing command lists at the start of each chapter as a quick reference. Omitting advice on project management methodology and/ or theory, which the target audience may not be interested in, and would tend to pad the book out. Providing a comprehensive index of all topics. It explains how the software differs from Primavera SureTrak, P3 and Microsoft Project, thus making it ideal for people who wish to convert from other products.
About the Author
Paul Harris holds an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering obtained in the UK and is a Certified Cost Engineer through AACEI International, a PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner, an Approved PRINCE2 Trainer and a “Managing Successful Programmes” Registered Practitioner. He has worked in the project controls industry for a number of years and has assisted many companies in a range of industries to set up and run project controls systems. His Melbourne, Australia based company, Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd, offers project controls consulting and training services worldwide with a strong focus on Microsoft Project and Primavera software.
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