The Prince and the Nun
by Jacqueline George

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The Prince and the Nun –by Jacqueline Geroge
Product details
Paperback: 284 pages
Publisher: Jacqueline George
ISBN: 978-0-9805484-4-0
Trim size: 150 x 210 mm
Sister Therese is faced with a problem.  The castle she is caring for has been taken over by the Imperial Army, and Captain Prince Mefist is turning her world upside down.  He is going to billet soldiers in her domain, and that is not the worst of it.  He will have officers staying the family apartments, and he wants to set up a bordello in the attic...
Therese is left alone to keep the soldiers away from her nuns, and protect the village people from the Army's depredations...
Reader’s Reviews
This tale is set in the fictional castle Montebello somewhere in Europe around 1940, when war breaks out.  The castle is seized by the Imperial Army, headed by Prince Mefist who decides to use Montebello because of its strategic location. Prince Mefist soon demands the younger nuns for the officers' bordello and forces Therese (Mother Superior Therese) to choose between giving in to his demands or he will seize women from the local village. 
... The author does not intentionally set out to titillate her readers.  The Prince and the Nun is interesting and there are some very HOT moments in the book with some very tasteful scenes. 
...This book also centers on the story of Therese's sexual awakening through Mefist and his sister Wanda.  With their help Therese is awakened to a life of deep sensuality, but also craving intimacy from the man she loves, Mefist. Prince Mefist is a charismatic, handsome and debonair character who easily manipulates but also treats people under his charge with care and kindness. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book.
Aggie Tsirikas
Renaissance eBooks Literary Editor's Comment
The finest thing I have read, combining history, characterization & erotica--believable erotica--in decades.  The characters are fine, the plot is excellent, the good guys believable without being insipid, the bad guys abominable without being demonic.  The story line gives insight into aspects of the period I had never known before and hardly suspected.  Higher praise I don't think I could find for a literary work.
Jane Gallion, literary editor & author
Naughty, but Nice
Comments from Jennifer Bullard,
...Although this novel can be classified as very erotic, it is erotic in all of the good meanings of the word.  It is not disturbing in any way, and in fact, Jacqueline relates to what we know we all feel, but are sometimes too uncomfortable to speak of.  But that is how she really pulls you in to this story, because her characters are sincere and convincing as being uncertain and a bit frightened, as well.
The setting for the story was perfect, a mysterious old castle, with many secrets holed up within.  A cold winter atmosphere that tends to bring people closer together.  This tale was actually very historical and interesting, and as such, I was glued to it for two days during any of my down time. 
...This was a wonderful read, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a naughty side, even if that may mean one that is secretly tucked away.
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