Light in Dark Corners
by Gary Hampson

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Light in Dark Corners by Gary Hampson
Product details
Paperback: 444 pages
Publisher: Brindabella Press (2005)
ISBN: 0975836307
Trim size: 208 x 135 mm
Mark Sutherland has just become famous for inadvertently publishing the names of deep cover agents on the web during a Government inquiry. But when a high-profile, charismatic politician dies in a tragic accident, why does the Prime Minister insist that Sutherland assist the subsequent inquiry? Why not pick someone who is competent and can be trusted to get to the bottom of this tragedy? Perhaps they are hoping Sutherland will stuff up again...
Worse still, why put an ambitious, charismatic politician in charge of Sutherland and the Inquiry, then surround Mark with his ex-girlfriend’s prickly best friend and a mysterious, sexy IT expert? Throw in unrestrained powers, a drop-dead gorgeous journalist and a vindictive Senator and you have a recipe for disaster.
From the moment they are set up to fail, Sutherland will fight the odds in a tense and fast-paced thriller that will race across Europe and Asia and leave you red-eyed from late-night reading. Millions of innocent people are put at risk and only Sutherland can prevent it – but it can’t be done without fatal consequences.
“… a gripping techno-thriller populated with gee-whiz gadgetry..”  Good Reading Magazine
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