Adoption and Loss
The Hidden Grief - by Evelyn Robinson

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Adoption and Loss – The Hidden Grief – by Evelyn Robinson
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Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Clova Publications
ISBN: 0646435329
Trim size: 200 x 130 mm
What becomes of women who give up their children for adoption? Why do so many adopted people feel such a strong desire to seek out their families of origin? In what ways are families with adopted children different from other families? This book by Evelyn Robinson provides the answers to these questions and many others. Evelyn Robinson gave up her son for adoption as a young student. She then returned to study many years later in a bid to understand her experience and its outcomes. She tells her story of an unplanned, teenage pregnancy and its aftermath and then describes the insights that she gained as a social worker into all aspects of adoption and how it affects those who are adopted, those who adopt and those whose children are adopted by others. Her startling conclusion about the future of adoption is challenging and controversial. This book is a brave and compelling exploration of both personal experience and academic research.
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Review : January 1, 2006 By D. Ackles As a mother who relinquished her son to adoption in 1973, I found this book extremely helpful and interesting. All of the emotions and questions I have lived with for the past 32 years were addressed in a manner which gave my feelings validity and reassurance. It is remarkable how similar my experience is to that of Ms. Robinson. From pregnancy to reunion I feel like I have lived a parallel life on the other side of "the pond", or the world as it turns out. I particularly enjoyed her "Part Three, What does it all mean?". I can certainly ruminate about my life quite well on my own, without the book, but this third part offered me empowerment to say, "Hey, I'm not the bad guy here, what was society thinking?" It's not a transfer of blame, but it is a challange to take another look at established adoption and ask some pretty important questions. I certainly would recommend this book to any natural mother separated from her child at birth, no matter where they are in their grieving process, as well as adoptees, as a means of trying to understand why they came to be adoptees. Adoptive parents should also read this in an effort to offer "our" children support for their whole person, and to become aware that the adoption story is not as simple as they might believe. Thank you Evelyn Burns Robinson, your book is great!!

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