Your Dog is Watching You
by Jim Heath

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Your Dog is Watching You – by Jim Heath
Product details
Paperback: 140 pages
Publisher: Self-published
ISBN: 0921019204
Trim size: 134 x 204 mm
The author was walking his little dog on a leash when it was attacked by a loose German Shepherd. How could he protect his dog if it happened again? The author tried this, the author tried that. Things only got worse. The answer came from a lucky contact with a dog psychologist. This book is that true story. The solution will make you slap your forehead. And the author learned much more than just how to protect his dog. He finally learned what dogs are about.
This book includes a rare interview with a top dog trainer. You’ll find out:
·         How to prevent most dog fights, using something cheap and simple to carry
·         How to stop your dog yanking on his leash
·         Why certain kinds of dog training never work
·         How to work out where your dog ranks at home
·         How to demote your dog, if necessary
·         Ways that your dog is like a wolf and ways it isn’t
·         What DNA says about your dog’s outlook.
·         What your dog thinks about living in a house.
·         Why dogs fight.
·         How to read a dog’s body language, when you most need to.
·         Why dogs refresh our spirits
Jim Heath is a non-fiction author. He has published books and long articles on electronic encryption, insects, the inside story of debt collection, water supplies, money, security of oil supplies, rare orchids, hydro-electricity and more.
"A classic example of the kind of book that I fully endorse.
It is one man's hard-earned experience, put down on paper
so that others can benefit."

"What we have here is, in my view, the ideal birthday
or Christmas present for anyone who owns a dog, or, better still,
is thinking about acquiring one. It would have been immensely useful,
for instance, to at least half a dozen dog owners of my own acquaintance."
- Michael Allen, Grumpy Old Bookman, U.K.
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