Letters from a Little Black Cat
and other rescue stories by Joy Herring

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Letters from a Little Black Cat –
and other rescue stories

by Joy Herring
Product details
Paperback: 234 pages
Publisher: Joy Herring
ISBN: 978-0-6451746-0-1
Trim size: 216 x 140 mm    

‘I like my tea weak and black’
When Monny went to her new home on the farm after being rescued and raised by Joy Herring, a photo of Monny drinking her new owner’s cup of tea set off a chain of letters between the cat and her foster mum. The letters tell of her adventures on the farm with her new best friend Stella, a Whippet cross dog, and the intrusion of the visiting kitten Ziggy.
Along with this story are other cat rescue stories, which give an insight into what rescue entails. It’s a journey that is sometimes very sad, sometimes thought provoking and sometimes very funny.
But most of all it is a journey that shows what love can achieve.


About the Author
Joy Herring was President and joint Founder of Peninsula Cat Rescue from 2010 until retiring in August 2019. Her interest in cat rescue began when she assisted her daughter in her voluntary work at the RSPCA in 2005 before moving to the local pound in 2008. It was while volunteering in the pound that she saw the large numbers of kittens, pregnant cats and nursing mother cats that were surrendered or abandoned at the pound. They were often the first to be euthanised because there were so many of them and they were often viewed as competition for the cats looking for a home.
Since incorporation in 2010, Peninsula Cat Rescue has been responsible for rehoming thousands of cats and kittens (all desexed) who would otherwise have ended up as euthanasia statistics.

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