Beyond the Veils of Time
by Selenna

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Beyond the Veils of Time – by Selenna
Product details
Paperback: 326 pages
Publisher: Self-published
ISBN: 1947834918
Trim size: 210 x 148 mm
 “There are many points along the Timeline to which you can Travel to heal this breach of Love. You are the Gene of Isis - the gene of purity. In your purity and fuelled by Love... You must begin the journey to this unity. Now is the moment to merge all of your inner bodies - become the Light.”
As without, so within.
Morgan is born with a mission. When we meet her as an infant, newly born, she is already conscious or who she is. As she grows, her soul family gathers around her in the ‘present’ moment of time. From Morgan’s Arthurian lifetime and back further to Atlantis and the beginning of the incarnation of Isis and Osiris, we journey with her through the inner dimension to recognise the people who have shared previous lifetimes. 
As Time converges, we recognise the same family has returned. Once upon the earth in ancient Egypt they created separation. The union of these beings represents the ultimate union of energy... is this the ultimate destiny of humanity?
 “Survival motivated by fear, is flight; yet, survival inspired by the force of Love, is also flight.”
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