MSI Meditation for Self-Improvement
by Ted Skewes

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MSI - Meditation for Self-Improvement by Ted Skewes
Product details
Paperback: 50 pages
Publisher: Ted Skewes
ISBN: 9780646963549
Trim size: 210 x 148 mm
MSI is a set of meditation techniques based on transpersonal hypnotherapy. It is easy to do, easy to understand and can lead to profound personal insight and inner peace. This book will introduce you to the concepts and methods and is a valuable accompaniment to instructor-led sessions.

About the Author   
Ted Skewes is a clinical hypnotherapist practising in Melbourne, Australia, who specialises in guiding people out of anxiety.

MSI is a natural product of his experience, not only with therapeutic techniques but spiritual philosophy and practices which are the basis for other types of meditation.
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Review : It is always helpful to have a framework for contextualising a process, especially one which is so much talked about and yet so often seen as something mysterious. It goes to the adage that you cannot know anything apart from the field in which it is embedded. With this in mind, MSI is a dear little book which elegantly demystifies meditation, offering useful pointers and guidelines for applying the knack of Meditation for self-improvement. Whilst MSI is a short read, it is a valuable framework for embarking on one’s personal exploration of Meditation.

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