Audition Secrets
by Suzie Steen

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Audition Secrets – by Suzie Steen
Product details
Paperback: 56 pages
Publisher: Self-published
ISBN: 0646463721
Trim size: 210 x 148 mm
Audition Secrets…is a must read and re-read for every actor. It’s easy to carry…there are only 3 words to remember to do your best to “nail” that audition and to feel good about yourself…uplifting and fun.
It’s meant to assist with things like:
·         Oh no, I left my confidence at home.
·         Awareness is a state of mind “where’s mine?”
·         What do I wear?
·         Will they like me (hey idiot - will you like them??)
·         Whadda they want from me?
·         Why are my knees shaking?
·         Why aren’t my knees shaking?
·         Do I care? Why do I care?
Inside the book are quotes from American, Australian Casting Directors and actors that are positive and help actors realize that there are no villains.
We are all in this together and wouldn’t be anywhere else and these experiences are to be enjoyed (Who’s kidding who here?).
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Title : Easy to Read
Review : This book goes everywhere with me. Auditions aren''t as scarey as they used to be! The Author has given me 3 words to live by in this business of acting. I no longer fear Casting Agents. Good interviews.

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