Nuts in Shining Armour
by Helen Louise Arthurson

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Nuts in Shining Armour –Written by Helen Louise Arthurson and Illustrated by Sharyn Madder
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Hardback: 160 pages
Publisher: Helen Louise Arthurson
ISBN: 978-0-9872828-0-4
Trim size: 148 x 208 mm
Eugenie Reynolds is a bright, young, dedicated environmental scientist.
One thunderous, wet and windy night, a chemical reaction generates life in something unique, instantly creating a scientific phenomenon.
Eugenie struggles to conceal her discovery. Her efforts are obstructed by a meddlesome hospital administrator, and her boss, a sinister experimental scientist.
The main characters encounter many dangerous adventures through a storm water tunnel, a tropical rainforest, a dilapidated lighthouse, and an old cathedral church.
In the course of their adventures, they come across several creatures, some friends, and others, nasty predators.
The story embraces many apsects of our neglected environment and the need to protect endangered species. It is educational, humorous, and at times emotionally moving.

This book will appeal to boys and girls aged 9-11 years.
About the Author Helen Louise Arthurson and her family moved to the Gippsland District of Mountain View in 2006. They wanted to pursue the country lifestyle and grow organic fruit and vegetables, and enjoy fresh eggs from their Isa Brown free range chickens.
Helen’s family has undertaken a new venture to establish a small vineyard and produce Pinot Noir and Sparkling Chardonnay.
Helen is currently working on a sequel to Nuts in Shining Armour.

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