An Hour of Magic by Brian Plumridge

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Barken - An Hour of Magic by Brian Plumridge 

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Paperback: 340 pages
Publisher: Brian Plumridge
ISBN: 9780646575957
Trim size: 148 x 210 mm
To bully another person is horrible. Teasing, for any reason, is just as cowardly.  Yet bullying can happen to anybody.

Imagine now a beautiful wonderland called Barken, where terrible badgering of innocent creatures is taking place. Two selfish grown men have slyly conned their way into a child’s wonderland of friends and animals and are destroying it with their "smash-and-grab" ways. But Billie, a tiny little six-year-old lass, refuses to allow her fantasy to be trampled on by guys who don’t care about anybody or anything except for their own success. Billie and her devoted Grandpa, along with two of her loving but even younger cousins, Leigh and Mack, embark on a mission to help their friends and remove the bullying Trustle and Creal from Barken forever.

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