Koala Lee Lee Adventure Series
by Amanda M Keast

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Koala Lee Lee's Adventures Series  by Amanda M Keast

Product details
Paperback: 50 pages each book, (including 23 coloured photo pages). 
Publisher: Amanda M Keast
Trim size: 280 x 216 mm

Koala Lee Lee's Adventures at Wyrapa Station
It’s a while since Koala Lee Lee has been to the Australian outback.  He’s missing his human ­cousins in Queensland and he’s going to visit their cattle ­station. It’s a long hot, dry trip. He thinks he’s going for a ­holiday, but Ebony and Reece have other ideas. What things will they keep Lee Lee busy with?

Koala Lee Lee's Adventures in Broome
Koala Lee Lee has heard about the beautiful Broome sunsets and wants to be touched by their magic, but ­before he can see one, he wants to try to help a lost camel called Ellis find his family. On this quest Lee Lee takes his first helicopter flight, goes on a fast trike ride and ­treasure hunts in rock pools along Cable Beach.

Koala Lee Lee's Adventures in China
Koala Lee Lee is an unusual beach-loving marsupial and something magical has happened. He has heard a ­whisper from across the sea inviting him to visit a ­country called China. It seems there can be no ­stopping our little adventurer as he sets off from his home in Australia on the first of many travels around the world.

Koala Lee Lee's Adventures on Norfolk Island
Koala Lee Lee is in need of a proper rest and there’s no better place on earth than Norfolk Island. There are subtropical sea breezes, warm ocean waters, whispering pines and ABSOLUTELY NO SNAKES!

He meets up with old friends and unexpectedly comes face to face with a big bull, but will he be able to find the precious and endangered Norfolk Island Green Parrot?

Koala Lee Lee's Adventures in Spain
Koala Lee Lee is happily hiking in the mountains of northern Spain, crossing Roman bridges and sleeping in old monasteries.  But then one day, when strolling by the seafront in Gijon, he meets beautiful Carmen. Now Lee Lee thinks he may be in love!

Koala Lee Lee's Adventures in Upper Murray
Koala Lee Lee is desperate to climb a “big” gum tree. He travels to the Upper Murray where big beautiful gum trees are easy to find. Little cousin Ki Ki goes with him and once there they find themselves ­meeting all types of bush birds and climbing all sorts of trees. Why is it that the “river country” holds a special place in little cousin Ki Ki’s heart?

Koala Lee Lee's Adventures in Virginia
Koala Lee Lee flies to the United States of America.  He visits Virginia, meets two cheeky raccoons, a wise old owl and a travelling panda.  Best of all he sees ­something special for the very first time ... SNOW!

Koala Lee Lee's Adventures in Mornington
Koala Lee Lee has lived in Mornington on Port Phillip Bay for a very long time. Having his home here makes him a very happy koala. He likes lazy days at the beach, playing on the slides and swings in the park, taking train rides, going fishing and ‘counting the boats tied up at the pier’. What else does Lee Lee get up to in this beautiful seaside town?

Koala Lee Lee's Adventures in Central Europe
Koala Lee Lee loves the old buildings and traditions of Central Europe. He’s never seen an onion topped wooden church before or a four hundred year old minaret, nor met a “town guard”! He takes a look at a medieval castle, has a cruise on the famous Danube River and has a lucky escape from a snarling wolf in the Tatra Mountains!

Koala Lee Lee's Adventures in Rockfish Valley
Koala Lee Lee’s back visiting Virginia, USA. He loves the peacefulness of the Rockfish Valley countryside. He enjoys hiking in the woods, canoeing on rivers, climbing trees, visiting old taverns and playing games with his friends Ruby and Randall raccoon and Briley the bear. Will anyone answer when they knock on the door of the red house in the woods? Lee Lee even meets a President!

Koala Lee Lee's The Road to Niagara Falls
Koala Lee Lee is searching for a special place in the wild landscape of Canada – a spectacular, thundering, monstersized
waterfall that was formed in the last Ice Age. He comes across a hasty black squirrel and a hungry Canada Goose and “a row of fine-looking gentlemen all dressed in uniform”. He also befriends a very helpful beaver named Binesi, who becomes his trusted guide. Will Lee Lee be able to fulfil his quest?

Koala Lee Lee's Picnic at Top Tee
Koala Lee Lee invites his friends to the beautiful “Top Tee” gardens on Norfolk Island. He hasn’t seen them in a long time and has organised a picnic lunch. Together the friends explore the gardens, play hide and seek, go golfi ng, fi shing, rock and tree climbing, skateboarding and tractor riding! They also meet a special island friend – Edward the eel!

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