Irregular Safari
by Hugh Aldersey

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Irregular Safari  – by Hugh Aldersey
Product details
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Hugh Aldersey
ISBN: 9781491885215
Trim size: 128 x 203 mm
A nineteen year old is catapulted out of an 1890’s rural lifestyle into the ‘cradle of terrorism, genocide and reprisals’, in a strange land. Thanks to some military type training, he is able to survive wounding, capture, escape and emergency surgery and rescue a business while fighting as an ‘irregular’ to help hasten the end of the Boer war. He encounters the slave trade, mass murder reprisals and terrorism. During this time, he falls in love with a very beautiful girl of mixed race and has the prejudice of a ‘mixed’ marriage, false accusation and relentless victimization to overcome.
About the Author
Hugh Aldersey was educated at Radley College and Birkenhead College and worked in heavy engineering before going into the British Army. He was commissioned in REME and served in Egypt with African Colonial troops, British troops and native tradesmen. On leaving the Army he migrated to Australia and was editor of the ‘Australian Mechanical Engineering’ magazine. He has also held a number of positions in technical marketing and has travelled extensively.
Name : Lillian Brown
Location : Melbourne
Title : RIch in Historical detail
Review : Rich in historical detail, both these meticulously researched novels, Irregular Safari and Know Your Enemy, evoke a strong sense of a traumatic past. Set across South Africa and England, the story begins in the 1890s as the hero of both books, Mark Oakhill, begins what will develop into an adventurous, threat filled life. His struggles through the years, first with the Boers and then with a series of terrorists from a variety of backgrounds will see him brought very low. He perseveres, however, and his efforts to withstand the trials that will befall him forms the core of both books. His exploits also serve to fill in some understanding of the many complexities of the conflicts feeding in to the Boer Wars and, more ambitiously, World War I and II. The world inhabited by the Boers is perhaps best evoked, as is the country of South Africa. We read about her gold, her diamonds and most tellingly, a host of foreign interests. Wild life is there too. There is even ad hand-reared lioness who remains tame (but only to those who knew her as a cub!). The books evoke an authentic period atmosphere, revealing the language, habits and customs of times long past. Characters are faithfully portrayed with the particular context of their times. History buffs will enjoy reading details of some of the lesser known causes of the Boer and World Wars. The author has even provided maps, sketches and contemporary photographs to offer greater informative detail. Hugh Aldersey’s engineering background is evident too in the many descriptions of equipment construction which are described in telling detail in the second novel, Know Your Enemy. Life in the trenches and in field hospitals is vividly portrayed. Again, contemporary photography offers more detail here. Throughout both these novels, there is plenty of evil doing. Oakhill and his extended clan suffer mightily at the hands of various terrorists and perpetrators of atrocities. It must be said, however, that they never lose their British cool. These novels tell of daring, strength in the face of adversity and, in spite of the traumatic and troubled times these novels describe, the ultimate message is one of cautious optimism.

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