Patches of Godlight
by Janette Fernando

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Patches of Godlight – by Janette Fernando
Product details
Paperback: 150 pages
Publisher: Poetica Christi Press (2016)
ISBN: 9780994164049
Trim size: 216 x 12016 mm
Patches of Godlight is a refreshingly honest book about one woman's journey towards a closer relationship with God. In diary entries spanning two decades, Janette Fernando questions, struggles, rejoices and abides in God's unfailing love. She complements her diary entries with superbly crafted poetry that is both evocative and rich in imagery. Her profoundly moving text and accompanying photographs make for inspirational reading. Patches of Godlight is testament to Janette Fernando's skills as a writer and poet. It is also a testament to her love for her saviour. This book honours God.
- Leigh Hay, author,editor,poet

"This is the work of a courageous, sensitive, vulnerable, new millennium Psalmist, who like David of old, finds intimacy and faith in the realities of life. From the laundry to the cathedral, from the tragedy of NY 9/11 to the desert outback of Australia this is poetry on a journey to the Promised Land." - John Smith, Author, preacher, Founder of God's Squad "Patches of Godlight is a raw, honest and inspiring account of the wrestle so many of us face in life; the questions we seek of God and the desire to know Him with greater depth and intimacy. This book reflects how, in our deepest struggles, and darkest hours, the Lord shines His light through the cracks and crevices of our lives, to remind us of his eternal presence."
- Sharon Witt, Author, Educator

There are certainly 'patches of Godlight' in Janette Fernando's engaging collection of poetry, journal entries and photographs. We enter her personal narrative at a challenging time. Alone, she prepares to travel to Holland and England in 1995. There is an emotional rawness and spiritual dependency in this early prose. Her desire for security and intimacy with God is apparent in the immediacy of separation, loneliness and reflections on cultural identity. As her work moves into the equally rich but more familiar surroundings of Australian life, we can only agree with Janette Fernando's quoted premise, that 'time is only that we may find God'. Through all the personal dramas, sadness, joys and triumphs that human life inevitably contains, the impetus for spiritual understanding is energetically maintained. Her ongoing quest is an encounter with encouraging 'patches' of divine grace and goodness, reflecting a life lived in the dappled awareness of God's love and care. This journey through the decades can be savoured by discerning readers.
- Dr. Peter Stiles, Excelsia College, Sydney
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