by Rita Danko

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Niina by Rita Danko
Product details
Paperback: 114 pages
Publisher: Rita Danko
ISBN: 978-0-19254574-9-0
Trim size: 210 x 148 mm
Post WWII Estonia and antipodal Australia are miles apart in every respect. How did a small child make the journey, handle the language transition, bridge the cultural divide and learn to adapt to a new life?

This is the story of how a mother’s love for her children, her will to survive, her anguish over the future and her tireless courage in the face of adversity, coupled with an almost  uncanny ability to choose the best path for her little family, helped them traverse through Austria and Germany, finally finding freedom and safety in the least expected way at a
little known outpost in the south seas—Australia.  

“My mother was my hero in so many ways and her ever constant, good decisions were somehow inspired by angels.”

Laugh and cry along with her, as Rita writes this first-hand account of her escape from deprivation, oppression, tyranny and an almost certain death to arrive in a land of freedom and opportunity. Then, her bleak future devoid of hope is turned around with the bright light of liberty.  

Published by Rita Danko,  Author can be contacted on email:
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