by K J Sheerin

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Rhubarb – by K J Sheerin
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Paperback: 174 pages
Publisher: armchairpublising
ISBN: 9780980730890
Trim size: 148 x 210 mm (pbk)
When Peter’s mother, Catherine, dies, he is sent to live with his grandmother, Hannah, in Anglesea. She gives him his father’s old bedroom, a veritable time capsule that ultimately helps him unlock the secrets of his father’s past. He reads his old diaries and picks up on the significance of the books and mementos still in the room.

His father also told him about his tree house and the two friends he had while growing up there: an old man called Ali and a black cat named Rhubarb. Hannah always thought they were figments of her son’s imagination because of all the wild stories he told her. But when Peter meets his friends, he discovers they are Genies and the details of their adventures together are well within the realms of possibility.

Enter Peter’s new world of dedicated Australian sci-fi, complete with a centuries-old Time Lord, his companion and time machine, in these first five stories in the Rhubarb series.
Name : Pam
Location : Melbourne
Title : Rhubarb
Review : I just loved this book and looking forward to Peter's next adventure This book kept you wanting to know what happens next. In the last chapter a tear fell from my eye.

Name : carol
Location : Geelong
Title : Rhubarb
Review : What a great YA read. Well written believable characters that take you on 5 adventures back in time. Rhubarb especially captivating with many a transformation throughout the story. Easy to read and follow, a must for all that love a mixture of Sci-fi, adventure and magic.

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