The Bludger's Back Vol 3
by David Close

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The Bludger's Back Mermaid Karma Volume III by David 'Khyber' Close
Product details
Paperback: 266 pages
Publisher: David Close
ISBN: 9780648634003
Trim size: 210 297 mm


Volume 3 of the Bludger’s Back series: Mermaid Karma begins in 1999 and covers events over and after the millennium. Mixing social comment, history and autobiography of love lost and found, I call the style non-faction.

It is certainly not fiction, yet it is biased by my eccentricity and puritan Belfast cultural conditioning. A mermaid may refer to saving drowning sailors but is also code for the current crop of ‘single mothers.’
I hope these word masses are humane rather than coldly factual and are healing rather than hurtful – yet I know I betray the intimacies and follies of those my life paths have led me to and from and sometimes even back to again.

Warts-and-all type reportage is the stuff of secret police files and yellow journalism, so I aimed for the essence in my harvest of events, longings, and strivings. My writing is therapy to deal with life as I’ve found it.

Hopefully the Bludger’s Back series will encourage even post-decadent Mad Maxine and the local bus driver – to keep on keeping on their paths of destiny. In such ways do sophists, spies and saints justify the violation of secrets, yet all the while contriving to silently blow their own trumpet.
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