The Trapeze Artist
by Jean Sietzema-Dickson

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The Trapeze Artist – by Jean Sietzema-Dickson
Product details
Paperback: 18 pages
Publisher: Poetica Christi Press
ISBN: 0958545863
Trim size: 210 x 210 mm
The Trapeze Artist is a compelling story in verse of the healing of the author from bipolar-affective-disorder. Starting in a place of total darkness and disorientation she gradually finds herself pulled back to sanity by the prayers of God's people, until she is standing upright in the light.

This change is shown by the cover design: front, black with a figure hanging upside down, back, yellow with a figure swinging.
I hung, upside down,
on the edge of the world.
Around me, in space
the planets were hurled
on their courses.
I stared into darkness...
invisible night had enclosed me.
No light from the stars
could I see in my darkness.
Off-centre I swung
in unthinkable blackness.
No course was mapped out for me,
no path could I follow
in night's deepest dark.
(excerpt from the beginning)
Jean Sietzema-Dickson
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