La Bella Nova (The Best Revolution)
by Barry Callanan

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La Bella Nova –by Barry Callanan
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Paperback:373 pages
Publisher:Sunsrest Publications
Trim size:A5 (210 x 150 mm)

A basic tenet of ‘La Bella Nova’ is that our future efforts will come to nothing without increased local community economic strength. Our communities are mere dormitory suburbs and dying country towns supplying distant cities: Cities in which the broken economy it totally dependent on gleaning stuff from China in exchange for selling our birthright. The resulting social problems and unsustainable use of fossil fuelled energy and transport make it is obvious that we must move to a solar and renewable economy but we are so unprepared for this. We are so vulnerable in the way our needs are met.
From all levels of vigorous Australian society the characters of this novel, set thirty years from now, come to see the weakness of their present economic situation. They realize that it is in the interests of distant commerce for their problems to continue rather than to solve them. They realize that it is up to them to honour the natural gift of life that their country has given them by building a renewable economic future for themselves. Thus they freely take decisions to locally apply adequate attention to their problems. Through implementing suitable building approaches they are excited that their problems can be resolved and their needs fully met by innovation and renewable production in their local community and region.  
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