Practice of Stillness
by Christo Norden-Powers

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The Practice of Stillness by Christo Norden-Powers 
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Paperback: 206 pages
Publisher: Hamsa Pty Ltd
ISBN: 9780980811133
Trim size: 152 x 229 mm

Steve Jobs is a name you would associate with

  • successful visionary
  • leading and inspiring teams, and
  • achieving significant success in business

another thing that not many would know is he also...meditated.

Meditation, mindfulness, presence are all terms that are slowing creeping into the business world. More and more people are realising the benefits of stilling the chatter, stilling the mind and how it can be applied to business. How this practice can help you to access extraordinary states with less effort.

The Practice of Stillness is a practical book, written for those who are ready to go beyond mindfulness, mere concepts and ideas, and to dive into the exquisite, powerful meditative practices of enlightened masters.

The power of Stillness is not only for pure meditative practice. It is also the power that flows through all thought and action - in even the most difficult circumstances - if we know how to access it. This book will explain how.

It clearly explains, in easily understood language, many specific processes that have been applied by the great meditation masters for thousands of years to enter and maintain Stillness and attain a state of higher consciousness. Many of those processes are virtually unknown in western countries.

The experience of Stillness is one of the deepest, most profound and beautiful states that we can savour.

Each of us experiences Stillness at some time in our lives, sometimes briefly, and occasionally for extended periods.

It is an unforgettable experience that transcends differences and brings us to experience the immense power, beauty and deep peace that is already, and always, within us.

Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra have each referred to the power of Stillness.

But until now there has not been a book that spells out in plain language and specific detail the numerous ways how to enter and maintain a state of Stillness, using the breath, mind, senses, body and awareness.

The book has three key messages, that are simple and practical:

Stillness is always within us and around us - even in the chaos of modern life with very little effort we can access Stillness in every moment through simple, natural processes, and bring the transforming power of Stillness into every aspect of our lives

Our ordinary, everyday activities provide portals to the immense power of Stillness and our own spiritual growth.

The book also explains how those processes are the source of power and higher values that underpin the most effective performance in any field of human activity and everyday life, including

  • sports,
  • arts,
  • creativity,
  • business,
  • relationships, and
  • personal growth.
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