Powerful Questions
by Christo Norden-Powers

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Powerful Questions by Christo Norden-Powers 
Product details
Paperback: 258 pages
Publisher: Spandah
ISBN: 9780975818633
Trim size: 152 x 229 mm

'...extremely practical ...can be applied immediately in every business situation.
Michael Wood, General Manager, Kingston Property Constructions Pty Ltd

The Powerful Questions provide excellent essential skills for any Director or Executive in the public or private sector. The vital 'How to' Skill.
Lindsay Oxlad, Director, Health Partners.

Useful in Board meetings, committees and difficult negotiations. The techniques will help in getting to the real situation. The Powerful Questions provide a very useful framework for getting to the facts. It's often what's not said that is more important than what is actually said.
Christine Hawkins, Director, Cinnabar International.


The skill of asking the right question at the right time and in a way that works is an essential skill for business leaders that can save your company millions of dollars….and even save the company.

This practical, hands-on book, is packed with techniques, examples, and exercises. You will learn:

  • questions that highly effective business leaders ask - questions that make a significant difference to your business every day
  • a powerful new model that enables you to use questions and language to shift, shape and influence thinking and awareness so that you can:
    • negotiate more effectively
    • quickly identify potential risks
    • turn problems into solutions
    • coach with skill
    • resolve conflict
    • handle criticism and disagreement
    • improve performance
    • turn resistance to change into ownership of change
    • significantly improve outcomes of meetings. 

You will learn to identify the language patterns that create traps and pitfalls (and financial loss) for the unsuspecting business leader, together with questioning strategies to deal with those patterns, including how to: 

  • probe, test, clarify, verify and elicit facts
  • recognise when someone is avoiding a problem or hiding information
  • ensure the best information and data is obtained for due diligence enquiries
  • identify hidden motivators and agendas
  • negotiate more effectively
  • challenge assumptions, beliefs and opinions and identify facts and risk
  • turn resistance to change into ownership of change
  • expose deficiencies in proposals, reports, process and strategy
  • generate accountability and responsibility
  • clarify meaning and intention of other people.

Warning: The contents of this book may cause the following symptoms: 

  • Action
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Elimination of excuses, blame, justification
  • Focus and clarity
  • Greatly increased vitality of your people and business
  • Quicker and more effective meetings
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Reduce potential risks
  • Straight talk, accurate thinking 
  •  ‘Can do’ attitude.
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