The Rhythm Effect
by Paul Farina

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The Rhythm Effect by Paul Farina
Product details
Paperback: 220 pages
Publisher: FES Publishing
ISBN: 1875475133
Trim size: 229 x 152 mm
LEADING… Why is it such hard work?
Leading a team in a professional environment is a brutal challenge associated with tremendous energy expenditure, never-ending tension and exhausting hours.
But who wrote the rule that it has to be like this?
The Rhythm Effect is a study in breeding courage, confidence and commitment into our working cultures for smoother, happier and highly autonomous teams.
Utilising the principles of rhythm is a way for leaders to amplify their progress and increase everyone’s return on effort (ROE) for rippling benefits to all stakeholders.
Written by leadership and performance expert Paul Farina, this book details how you can turn friction into flow and resistance into engagement with a proven framework.
Learn to:
  • Overcome demotivation and energy depleters that undermine team trust and belief.
  • Synchronise your people to capitalise on your team’s precious effort, finite company resources and your own untapped capability.
  • Realise your leadership influence with elevated courage, confidence and commitment to promote calm throughout your team’s culture.
  • Master rhythm for ongoing and meaningful progress with endless momentum.
The Rhythm Effect teaches practical strategies to develop belief, respect and deep trust with one goal: to help high-achieving, hard-working professionals accelerate their progress. 
About the Author  
Paul Farina is a professional educator, author, speaker, executive coach and management mentor to high performers across industry. An ex-professional athlete with more than 20 years’ experience in business across the globe, he is the designer of leadership, performance and team-training programs. Paul supports healthy, resilient and productive workplace cultures so they can define, develop and endure.     
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