MindShaping Art: Say Hello to the Story of “I am following My Dream”
by Deborah Ruth

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MindShaping Art — Say Hello to the Story of “I am following My Dream” by Deborah Ruth
Product details
Paperback: 48 pages
Publisher: Thought Temple
ISBN: 9780987638212
Trim size: 216 x 280 mm
We all have a dream, an idea, a deep burning desire within us waiting to be expressed and fulfilled.  
However, for many of us our dreams, ideas and desires will never be realised.   Regardless of  how good our intentions are our fears, doubts and inner stories hold us back.
It could be that others have mocked, ridiculed or discredited our dreams.  Whatever the story, it has played with our confidence and self belief.  It has filled our mind with doubt, fear and stopped us from reaching our potential.
We need to learn to develop qualities of inner strength, courage, fearlessness, focus, creativity and determination.   To trust in ourself and never stop, no matter what anyone says or tells us, until we have accomplished it.
To do this we will need to change the pictures and images of our mind and start building faith,  trust, belief in ourself and take action to move in the direction of our dreams, ideas, and desires.
For we live in a visual world, and our unconscious mind only understands images, pictures, and feelings.   We need to consciously communicate visually and change the pictures of our mind and create ones that empower us to move forward.
Mindshaping Art  -  Say Hello to the Story of “I am following my Dream” provides a powerful collection of images inspired by the animal kingdom.  These pictures allow us to transform them into our own personal and visual art work and to use them as powerful tools to reinforce, encourage, and support our story of following our dream. 
By creating and reflecting on your artwork you can change the pictures of your mind and take action in pursuing the life you want.

About the Author   
Deborah Ruth is a Mindshaping Artist who believes in the power of images and pictures being a powerful tool for change.
Say Hello to the Story of “I Am Following My Dream” is the second book in a series of artist books dedicated to the process of changing negative stories by reframing the images and pictures of our mind. 
Deborah Ruth is a qualified Guided Meditation Teacher who uses this modality together with Art Therapy to form Mindshaping Art.  Visual storytelling and art creation       that speaks directly to the unconscious mind reframing and changing the negative stories holding you back and limiting your potential.
All illustrations and art work are created by Deborah who shares her own personal journey through her art work and series of Mindshaping Art Artist Books.

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