The Best of Essendon Trivia
by Marc Fiddian

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The Best of Essendon Trivia - by Marc Fiddian
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Paperback: 108 pages
Publisher: BookPOD (2021)
ISBN: 9780648350286
Trim size: 210 x 148 mm
Many years ago, in 1970, this writer was in the American city of Philadelphia and had lunch with a young lady from an international hospitality group. After arranging for me to visit an American family, she said she would like to meet me and suggested we have lunch the next day. Asked to meet her at the Civic Centre, I did so and she said we would go across the road to the University of Pennsylvania and eat at the cafeteria. During lunch she asked me various questions about Australia, one of them being ``what’s your zip code?’’ I told her we called it a postcode and added, 3128. She replied: ``I know the zip code of Essendon, it’s 3040.’’ This was somewhat embarrassing because had I been asked, I would not have known. Immediately she said this I committed Essendon’s postcode to memory and have never forgotten. The reason she knew this piece of trivia was because she was corresponding with someone who lived at Essendon.
   While at the university I took the opportunity to call in at the library to see if it kept The Times (London) on file. I wanted to see how the English cricket tour of Australia was progressing and looking at the copy I was handed was most disappointed to find that the match reported was no more than the MCC v a Victorian country XI at Horsham.

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