The Spaceman
by Terry Deague

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The Spaceman - by Terry Deague
Product details
Paperback: 342 pages
Publisher: Terry Deague
ISBN: 9780648428725
Trim size: 229 x 152 mm
What will the next pandemic look like?  And must it be viral in nature?  The author’s conjecture, in his latest novel, The Spaceman, is that it will be different this time around.

The Space is a patch of turf in the Australian Alps.  Should a person or any other living creature enter this Space, they cannot leave except as a corpse.  So, if they want to continue living, they must accept indefinite confinement.  Ray Cromwell, picture framer, is the first person to be trapped in this way.  He is the world’s first Spaceman.

Because evidence suggests The Space has a propensity to replicate and spread like a virus, the Government feels an obligation to deal promptly with the situation.  But – no surprises - its response is political, opportunistic, and self-seeking.

Tania Chalmond, Ray’s business partner and eventual lover, teams up with Marius Strangio, the guy on the ground charged with administering the Government’s response.  Their mission is to secure Ray’s release, despite their having no idea where the threat is coming from or what the rules of play are.  They succeed after a fashion.  They get Ray out alive.  But there are too many bad players in this game, and celebrations prove to be premature …
About the Author:
The author’s main paper qualification is a PhD in photonuclear physics, i.e. nuclear reactions induced by photons, from the University of Melbourne.  He has necessarily written a number of scientific papers in this field.

In the 1970s, he wrote a review paper on the subject of Global Atmospheric Consequences of the Combustion of Fossil Fuels, which (as might be imagined) was ground breaking at the time.
His literary accomplishments are a short story published in the Australian literary journal Tabloid Story in the 1970s, a screenplay funded by Film Victoria in the 1980s but never produced, and a novel Where Pademelons Play published in 2018.
The Spaceman is his second novel.

Name : Tamara Waters
Location : Qld, Australia
Title : The Spaceman - A Great Read
Review : Caught within a pandemic, I have found time available to pick up author Terry Deague's latest novel and to become drawn in by this absorbing story of a different pandemic. Reading The Spaceman, one becomes intrigued by the people and the politics of a new dilemma, i.e. a Space with the propensity to replicate and spread like a virus. Once entering the novel, one wants to enter The Space so as not to be disturbed while turning the pages of this interesting story. Although, of course, any living creature entering The Space cannot return alive. I enjoyed The Spaceman. It was a book that captivated me and, by the last pages, I was sad to say goodbye to an interesting author.

Name : Janet Ward
Location : QLD Australia
Title : A Thoiught Provoking Read
Review : I have read one of the most interesting books I have read for years. The title, ‘The Spaceman’, makes one think of science fiction. However, this is a book about the complexities of real human relationships in very unusual circumstances. Because of the significance of the ‘The Space’, the book becomes a deep and meaningful examination of human isolation and the impact of this upon the characters. The isolation becomes the justification for the development of a complicated and ever expanding series of bureaucracies supporting, analyzing and constancy enlarging , as public services inevitably do and naturally run by men. I am absolutely fascinated by the characters, their development and changes and the machinations of the bureaucrats who benefit from the unique situation in which they find themselves – naturally always becoming bigger entities and constantly competing for first place in the pecking order. The Spaceman is fascinating because of the expanding ‘support and observation’ groups studying and analyzing their one individual subject, and naturally observing the other groups at the same time. The Spaceman makes us wonder at the produced implications of what the various groups observe as they attempt to firstly understand The Space and then solve the problem of its potential spread.

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