A Twist in Every Tale
by Jeanette Angee

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A Twist in Every Tale  - A Collection of Stories From My Genealogical Research by Jeanette Angee

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Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Jeanette Angee
Trim size: 148 x 210 mm

The stories in this book are fully researched true stories that I have written over several years. I decided to put this volume tougher when I realised how interesting some of my discoveries were. While at the time of researching I was trying to learn more about various ancestors, it was pure coincidence that led me to reveal some very interesting connections.

These are not meant to be complete family histories but contain just enough detail to show the ‘connections’. Australian electoral rolls have in many cases been my most trusted way of tracing the movements of families. I also used the locations of births, marriages and deaths of each individual to learn their history.

Any information that I was given to me has been used in good faith and I take responsibility for errors in dates or names which have no bearing on the story itself. I have been given permission to publish each story and photographs from a descendant or closest relative of a family. I have attached the names to each story.

I have confirmed any facts that I was luck enough to find on the following web sites www.ancestry.com.au and www.naa.org.au/trove. Newspaper articles that I painstakingly found on the latter site have also given me much insight into how life was in the pioneering days as well as confirming my dates and facts.

Patience and persistence while researching on the internet have many times rewarded me with positive proof when being confronted by a puzzling mystery. And my advice to researchers is to never give up! There will be an answer out there somewhere.

I chose my title because each of the stories has an unexpected connection or twist, certainly nothing that we were looking for. I hope readers find the tales and twists as interesting as I did.

Although there is no individual index of names and places, I have recorded the names of the main families under each story title for those interested.

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