Local History

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“Their courage is deserving  of the highest praise.”

by James Anderson

Across the Tasman

The Family of James McDowall from Scotland to New Zealand and Australia by Margaret...

Stonehenge Speaks

by Neil L Thomas

My Way with Words

by Peter Johnson


First Contact in the Mid Murray 1820 - 1860 by John Lay

An Iron Will - Mining at Beaconsfield-1804 to 1877

by Nigel Burch

Southwark Luck

By Louise Wilson

They're Off in the Mackinnon

by Marc Fiddian

Wandering Whitehorse Road

by Marc Fiddian

The Resilient Man

by David Illingworth

Letters to Gar

by Sue Maclellan

The Mothers

by Robert Newton

A Rambler in Sydney

by Marc Fiddian

Blood on the Wire

by Carolyn Wilkinson

Water Races and Tin Mines of the Torra District

by Coleen Bower

Paul Bushell, Second Fleeter

By Louise Wilson
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Lawrence Arnold
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