Which Way the Wind
by Trevor Code

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Which Way the Wind – by Trevor Code 

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Paperback: 130 pages
Publisher: Ódrerir Books
Trim size: 210 x 148 mm
Which Way the Wind is a sequence of poems of our time. The title invites a completion of “blows,” or “will come” – words which suggest the changeability of wind in a devastating bushfire season, or the nautical sense of depending on wind and tide. But these words are also an idiomatic metaphor for chance, or event or culmination, in all spheres of activity from politics to adventure. In times of crisis, people have often, exposed to danger, had to change direction according to the prevailing wind or ideology, as in some countries where the sectarian divide is still so much alive. A reader completes the saying, the title and the poem, as also in “from the bridge...” So we live in a time of shifting wind and precarious destiny. In 2009 this country faced the calamity of “Black Saturday,” which cast its shadows throughout the whole summer season, and the Royal Commission that followed. We live in times of eventuality, and journeys, and of deaths, aging, and insistent memories. The past is always with us, suburban and rural. The literary and poetic past permeate centuries. We are accompanied (assailed) by our readings and the media, by nature and constant reflection, by question and argument, taste and surprise, by our intense present, and aspects of our equally intense past.
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